Q1. The camera automatically shuts down after one-minute-recording. What should I do?

A1: Due to the screensaver function, it will turn off the screen one minute after it starts. But the recording is still going on. The blue light flashes to indicate that the camera is recording. If you are not used to this function, you can turn off this function on the menu.

Q2. Should the dash cam always be on charging to keep recording?

A2: Generally speaking, the dash cam needs to be charged all the time. The standby time is relatively short, and it needs to be connected to the car charger. When using the parking monitoring function, a hard-wired kit is required to ensure continuous power supply (even after you turn off the car).

Q3. Why dash cam saying MicroSD card full and it turn off randomly?

A3: When the dash cam MicroSD card is full, the dash cam will randomly shut down, reminding you to format the card and need to reset the dash cam. The solutions to the problem is as follows: 1.Adjust the G-sensor to “LOW” 2.Turn off motion detection and parking mode 3. Format the memory card regularly, it is recommended to format it once a month If you turn on these functions at the same time, dash cam will record a lot of unnecessary videos, which will fill up your MicroSD card easily. (GD100 sold WITHOUT MicroSD card)

Q4. Is it also possible to have an extra back camera on this model?

A4: Sorry, there is no compatible back camera for this model yet. Our brand store also offers dual cameras model. Please take a look if you are interested.

Q5. What if my car doesn't have a cigarette lighter?

A5: This dash cam is currently only suitable for cars with cigarette lighters. If your car does not have a cigarette lighter, please send email to iZEEKER to get a free USB power cable.
iZEEKER Email: support@izeeker.co

Q6. Where can I get the latest firmware?

A6: Please email iZEEKER support team with your order number and current camera version to get the latest firmware to update (the camera version can be checked on the camera menu).
iZEEKER Email: support@izeeker.co

Q1. Which SD card do I use in my dash cam?

A1: The GD300 Dual Camera supports Class 10 or higher, 32-128GB MicroSD Card (Sold Separately). We recommend formatting it to the FAT32 file system on your computer and camera before using it for the first time.

Q2. After I charge it overnight, how long will the dash cam work without power from the car charger?

A2: Please keep the dash cam connected to the charger while it is working.

Q3: How do I set up the dash cam to fully utilize it’s functions?

A3: We recommend that you choose these settings: 1) set the Loop Recording to "3 minutes"; 2) set the G-sensor to "low"; 3) turn off Parking Monitoring and Motion Detection while driving.

Q4: How do I use the Parking Monitor function 24 hours a day?

A4: To use the Parking Monitor function, purchase a Type-C hardwire kit.

Q1. Does this dashcam come with a TF card? If not, what type of memory card should I use?

A1: This camera supports microSD cards of Class 10 or above up to 128GB(NOT INCLUDED). Before using it, please format the card to FAT32 64KB file system on your PC, and then format it again on the camera. (p.s. If the FAT32 64KB option is not available on your personal computer, you can select Exfat or another file system. Also, when formatting the card on your PC, do not check the Quick Format box to ensure that the card can be formatted completely).

Q2. Is it easy to install?Do I need to be tech literate? Are there any instructions available?

A2: The installation of this dual dash cam is not difficult, and it is explained in the user manual.

There are three steps: 1) mount the front camera to the windshield with the included suction cups; 2) power the dash cam by connecting the car charger to the cigarette lighter; 3) mount the rear camera to the rear windshield by connecting the front dash cam with the rear camera cable.

There are also some installation tutorials for this model on YouTube for your convenience.

Q3. If the car charger stops working, can I get another one from the manufacturer?

A3: Yes, any accessories like car charger, rear cable, suction mount and stickers are provided freely whenever you need. And please kindly note that this camera has a built-in battery. The battery capacity is small, which is the dashcam industry standard. A large can be dangerous due to potential battery explosion. If you need longer monitoring during parking, we suggest using a hard wire kit for power supply. The hardwire kit can also be provided freely on request.

Q4. The camera automatically shuts down after one-minute-recording. What should I do?

A4. The camera default screensaver function turns the screen off after some time, but the recording is still going ongoing. The a flashing blue light indicates that the camera is recording. If you prefer the camera screen to always stay on, you can turn off this function on the camera menu.

Q5. Where can I get the latest firmware?

A5: Please email iZEEKER support team with your order number and current camera version to get the latest firmware to update (the camera version can be checked on the camera menu).
iZEEKER Email: support@izeeker.co

Q1: Why do I get stuck when I play 4K recorded video on my computer?

A1: It depends on your player. For 4K videos, there are requirements for both the player and the computer. We recommend the "PotPlayer" player. If the computer version is too old, the video playback will be stuck.

Q2: Is there a recommended MicroSD card?

A2: GD850 is sold without MicroSD card. Because considering that many customers already have an SD card, and not increase customers’ additional expenses. However, GD850 offers many choices of MicroSD size, which can be used for 32GB-256GB U3 MicroSD card. We recommend 128GB MicroSD card memory size, because for a 4K dual-camera dash cam, the memory storage space requirements will be larger.

Q3: How can I share the recorded videos?

A3: This requires you to use the WiFi function.

1. Connect the WiFi of dash cam with your mobile phone.

2. Download the video on LuckyCam.

3. Disconnect the WiFi, you can share the video to various social APP in LuckyCam.

Q4: How can I use parking monitoring function?

A4: For parking monitoring, GD850 4K dash cam has two options, the first is 3-5 minutes parking monitoring, it can monitor your car for 3-5 minutes after your car is turned off, if the car vibrates during this time, the camera records a locked video to keep the evidence for you. The second is to monitor your car 24 hours a day. To achieve this function, you need to install a hardwire kit with Type-C port to connect the car and the camera to ensure 24 hours of power supply for the camera. If you need hardwire kit, please contact iZEEKER Team.

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